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7 Reasons to Invest in Senegal

A stable and open country

A healthy and competitive economy

Human resources of quality

Modern Iinfrastructures

An up-to-date legal and fiscal framework

A privileged access to the regional and international markets

An exceptionally good quality of living



Where to invest?  The priority sectors :

> Agrobusiness
> New Technologies
> Tourism
> Textile
> Fishing & Aquaculture
> Mine and Geology


Contacts for more Informations :

Investment Promotion Agency

52 - 54 Rue Mouhamed V
Immeuble Alwar - 1er étage Dakar
Tel: (221) 849-05-55
Fax: (221) 823-17-02
E-mail: apix@sentoo.sn
Website: http://www.apix.sn


Senegal Government

Website: http://www.gouv.sn







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